The Arena Is A Clock
The name's Zakk -yes i'm a guy, shocking- I'm 18, I currently live in 'not as sunny as they say' Florida, and am an aspiring Director. I am completely obsessed with The Hunger Games series, way more than anyone else, trust me, ask my friends, look at my room, count how many things i have THG related, look at how much I've spent obtaining these things. I am #1. I also really like AHS, TLOK/ATLA, Doctor Who, Bates Motel, and I'm somewhat in a couple other fandoms, so expect a bit of randomness. Jennifer is my favorite actress ever, and Josh is my favorite actor, both have been since i saw their very first movies. If you have any questions just come to my inbox and ask!

Step 1- Write message on Paper

Step 2- Cut out with cutting device, leaving hole for letters

Step 3- Get out sprinkles

Step 4- Place paper message on frosting


Step 7- Realize i skipped a step number

Step 8- Wait for response/Show for Response

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